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Helena Ejeson in Sweden, January 2005

1st of January 2005 - Sweden:

Finally a New Year arrives and it feels wonderful with a fresh start. The first day of the Year I spent taking a long walk in the forest in cold Sweden. With a lot of warm clothes I went on a Moose safari - but, alas, without seeing any. Have I ever seen a moose in Sweden? Hmm...

I'm looking forward to all the exciting moose I will meet in the future.

I wish you a Happy New Year! - Helena

20th of May 2004 – Kalmar, Sweden:

Here I am at home visiting my family in dear Sweden. I'm taking a break between everything that has happened in my life. It is indeed needed in between all the travelling. It´s really nice to be taken care of and being able to relax in ways you can only do at home... Also to be served your favourite food is always a pleasure…hihi

My life has been somewhat different the last half year, but the experiences I've got I will always find useful for the rest of my life, I think. For example, things like: my opinion about values in life, the incredible importance of balance in life, both to feel good, but also to perform good. And also which persons you can trust and who you should stay away from…

Thanks for your supporting emails!

Yours Helena


28th of March 2004 - Giza, Egygt:

The hotel was only five minutes away from the great pyramides! It really is a wonder of the world… My coach was here with me on these tournaments, which was very good and educating! One day we explored the area on that little (not!) fellow.. But it turned out to be a more shaky experience then I could imagine! Even though I got offered a lot of camels…I don't think I would like to have one…

Since it was three tournaments after each other in the same club I realized that I had been sleeping in the same bed 23 nights in a row… That has not happened for the last four years!

/ Helena


2nd of November 2003 - Nottingham, UK:

I've been close to winning $25'000 tournaments several times before, but this was my first victory at this level!

My suitcase was accidentially locked inside an empty house for the whole week, I had to borrow clothes from my tennis friends. I was quickly running out of friends, since I kept winning!

I played together with Åsa Svensson, she's from Sweden as well. It was nice to be able to speak Swedish during the games, but in the middle of points I forgot and shouted in English!

Best Wishes , Helena

12th of July 2003 - Torun, Poland:

My sister joined me in this tournament, which was very nice. It was raining a lot, which meant some time for shopping and talking to her! I thought the poor clay courts would float away with the rain.

When I played the finals, the sun finally came back, and I had a really good time.

Yours truly, Helena


19th of June 2003 - Lenzerheide, Switzerland:

This is the wonderful nature of Switzerland, where the altitude is really high, therefore the tennis balls don't behave as they do at home. They bounce higher, faster and just weird!

I had a great time in this beautiful country. One evening at the player's party, we took the ski lift (in the summer) to the top of the mountain. Up there, it was raining with a nasty thunderstorm, so we got stuck up there. The lift closed, and the other players couldn't make it for the party. Pity for them... but we got their food as well.

Since the lifts were closed, we prepared for spending the night in the wooden cottage at the top of the mountain. Luckily, the thunder moved on and eventually the lift brought us back to town very late! I still managed to win the match the day after, anyway!

Best Regards, Helena


25th of April 2003 - Croatia:

Here I am in beautiful Croatia. My favourite jumping place! I love the sea and the water and I got to sea (!) a lot of it there! I spent plenty of time on buses in Croatia, riding along the coastline enjoying the view!

You travel a lot with a life like mine. Sometimes I'm lucky to spend time with nice friends, otherwise my books are good company. It's easier to do crazy/fun stuff with friends, though!

Yours truly, Helena

Helena Ejeson in Croatia april 2003

Helena Ejeson in Barcelona, March 2003
21st of March 2003 - Barcelona:

The "thing" that provides the train with electricity from the cable above broke or something...! Anyway we had to wait (in a field area) in the middle of nowhere, only fields... for four hours!! What a joke! Another train came (after many that passed us by, though) and pushed us to the next station. From there we could take a bus, but I missed my flight to Casablanca... The next flight was departing very early next day at 7 o´clock(!) in the morning.

At least I got to spend the night in one of my favourite cities, Barcelona.

Best Wishes, Helena

3rd of December 2002 - Great Ocean Road, Australia:

I got to experience the laid-back atmosphere in Aussie. They all seemed so relaxed and I met so many friendly people!

One day we did a "beach-ride" in a four-wheeled pickup car (the best roller-coaster ever, I'm telling you!!) All of a sudden we passed a dead sea-lion, who eventually woke up... (!) I went out of the car to take a picture!

A couple of hours later when we got back, we heard a warning on the news: "Don't go near the sea-lions!! At this time of year they are very aggressive!" Oups...

With love, Helena
I'm sitting with my computer

6th of September 2002 - Tokyo:

Helena Ejeson in Japan Japan is just amazing, I loved everything about it! The people were so nice and friendly and especially some of them I will never forget.

Tokyo is cool, I had the opportunity to look around and I am impressed with how well organized, living and clean it was with all those people everywhere. It's so safe and I admire them for that!

Of course I loved the food and now I'm a very big fan of sushi, ha ha! (Didn't think I would ever say that!) I even brought it into my hotel room, as you can see in the photo below...

My final words: I love Japan! / Helena

Helena Ejeson eating Sushi